Book Review: The Gospel and Abortion

About the Author/Editor The “Gospel for Life” series is a collection of books that has been commissioned and edited by Dr. Russell Moore and Andrew Walker in an attempt to educate churches how to engage with certain ethical and culturally relevant issues.  Dr. Moore is the president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of theContinue reading “Book Review: The Gospel and Abortion”

The Psychology of Apologetics, Part 3

“The trouble about argument is that it moves the whole struggle on to the Enemy’s own ground…By the very act of arguing, you awake the patient’s reason; and once it is awake, who can foresee the result? Even if a particular train of thought can be twisted so as to end in our favour, youContinue reading “The Psychology of Apologetics, Part 3”

Theology of the Bible – Part 3

If we were to say something is inspired, I think that a few different ideas would come to mind. The one that first comes to my mind is the picture of an athlete performing in a manner that looks inspired. There is something more to their performance than just their ability or execution. It is almostContinue reading “Theology of the Bible – Part 3”

The Psychology of Apologetics, part 2

Confidence is everything. It’s how you “know” that your favorite chair at your local coffee shop will continue to hold under your weight once you sit. Or, how you “know” that your dog will be excited to see you when you get home. Confidence drives every decision we make which, more often than not, weContinue reading “The Psychology of Apologetics, part 2”

Theology of the Bible – Part Two

This is part of a series on “Theology of the Bible”. For part one on inerrancy, click here. In the first post on the inerrancy of Scripture, I wanted to focus on a high-level survey of answering what Biblical inerrancy is. I provided some Scriptural arguments along with theological implications as why the doctrine ofContinue reading “Theology of the Bible – Part Two”

The Psychology of Apologetics: Part One

It may be uncouth to begin a blog this way, and if it is, I apologize to any and every blog-lover out there, but I want to offer a genuine “thank you” to you, the reader. It is your choice to take the time to read this, so the mere fact that you have readContinue reading “The Psychology of Apologetics: Part One”

Theology of the Bible – Part 1

A couple of weeks ago I was playing with my son in his room. We were sitting on a blanket on the floor and he had a few toys that he was interacting with. In the background I had on some “Veggie Tales” music for some wholesome encouragement through song. As we were playing, oneContinue reading “Theology of the Bible – Part 1”

Apologetics: A Writer’s Introduction

I went back and forth for a few days on how best to begin the first blog post I’ve ever written. Especially when it involves a topic that I am most passionate about, and wish to use to help others walk a way of life that can be very difficult at times. Ironically, that isContinue reading “Apologetics: A Writer’s Introduction”

The Need for the Study of Theology

I would venture a guess that you are not here by accident. Chances are that you were told about this blog (probably by me or Justin) and you decided to check it out as a show of support. If this is the case, we sincerely thank you. Even if you happened across this page inContinue reading “The Need for the Study of Theology”