Theology of the Bible – Part 3

If we were to say something is inspired, I think that a few different ideas would come to mind. The one that first comes to my mind is the picture of an athlete performing in a manner that looks inspired. There is something more to their performance than just their ability or execution. It is almostContinue reading “Theology of the Bible – Part 3”

Theology of the Bible – Part Two

This is part of a series on “Theology of the Bible”. For part one on inerrancy, click here. In the first post on the inerrancy of Scripture, I wanted to focus on a high-level survey of answering what Biblical inerrancy is. I provided some Scriptural arguments along with theological implications as why the doctrine ofContinue reading “Theology of the Bible – Part Two”

Theology of the Bible – Part 1

A couple of weeks ago I was playing with my son in his room. We were sitting on a blanket on the floor and he had a few toys that he was interacting with. In the background I had on some “Veggie Tales” music for some wholesome encouragement through song. As we were playing, oneContinue reading “Theology of the Bible – Part 1”